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We have a great internship opportunity for students looking to gain real-life ministry experience! We offer a 3-month, 6-month, as well as a one-year "transition to ministry" program. You are sure to leave CW better equipped for ministry.


Kody Ahrens
Intern Class of 2021

"My time at Colonial Woods that I was able to have for my internship was one that was challenging, yet very impactful. I can honestly say that the internship experience at Colonial Woods will help you learn what full time ministry is like. Although this will come with a lot of difficulties while learning, as well as with the challenges that come with ministry, it is exactly what you need to be prepared for entering ministry.

I would recommend this internship to anyone wanting to experience what ministry is like, but also wouldn't be afraid to get challenged in the process."


Jaden Mitchell
Intern Class of 2021

"Colonial Woods internship was something that

helped me see the

business of the church

while still maintaining relationship with God.

The relationships that I made along the way

were impactful for my

future and paved the

way to where I am now.

I am grateful for

everything that I have learned during this internship!" 

INTERN CLASS OF 2022-12.jpg

Kylie Niedecken
Intern Class of 2022

"Interning at Colonial Woods has allowed me

to grow in every area of

my life, but especially

with getting hands-on ministry experience.

The staff and people

made Port Huron feel

like home and truly

made this the best

summer that I have ever had. If you are looking

for an experience that

is going to push you to grow and shape you into

a stronger leader for

God's Kingdom, then

this is definitely

the place for you."

INTERN CLASS OF 2022-5.jpg

Ana Dekker
Intern Class of 2022

"My summer at Colonial Woods was one of

growth and so many different learning opportunities. I worked

with the student ministries, but I was also given opportunities to learn

about different areas

of ministry and was

able interact with all

of the staff members

who are such joys to

work with! I’ve taken

away so much practical experience that I am

excited to take with me

as I continue on

ministry journey!" 

INTERN CLASS OF 2022-4.jpg

Jacob Falk
Intern Class of 2021, 2022

“I have done two

summers at Colonial

Woods Church and

both times God has

used it to show me a

calling I have into

ministry. The experience was amazing and truly shows you church

ministry in action.

The staff and pastors

at CW also care about

you as a person and as

a fellow believer.

They take time to be intentional with you and help you in ministry and

in your walk with Christ.”


Colonial Woods is proud to offer an internship opportunity for students looking to fulfill college requirements and/or gain ministry experience. We offer both a 3-month, 6-month program, as well

as a one-year "transition to ministry" program. All of these programs offer great ministry experience and diversity as well as a place to ask questions, explore, and discover your passions.

Since 2006, we have had 56 interns complete our CW Internship. Many of those individuals are serving in full-time ministry and/or involved with their local church (some have joined the CW staff!).

We offer multiple areas of focus - Student Ministries, Children's Ministry, Worship Arts, and Tech/Production. Our goal is to give each intern a well-rounded experience to better

prepare them for ministry when they leave.


  • What does Colonial Woods believe?
    We uphold the doctrine of the Missionary Church denomination, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Go to for information on the Missionary Church, or here for more information on our core beliefs.
  • Is Colonial Woods part of a denomination?
    Colonial Woods belongs to the Missionary Church denomination, headquartered in Fort Wayne, Indiana. You can learn more about the Missionary Church by visiting
  • How should I dress?
    For all of our services, we want you to be comfortable and wear what you want. Some enjoy dressing up as they have for years, wearing dresses and suits, while others prefer worshiping in jeans. Much of what people wear is based on what service they attend. Venue tends to be a more relaxed enviroment while our Heritage Service is often are more business/casual. For all of our services modest dress is always appropriate. So, the bottom line – dress how you would like; we just want you to be there and enjoy your time with God and us.
  • What should I expect when I visit?
    When you first walk into our foyer doors, you will be greeted by some smiling faces. Our greeters are happy to help you find your way around. There is a Welcome Center just inside the foyer that can help explain service options, Children's or Student Ministry, or classes available. Before you leave, make sure you check out Guest Central. They will have a special gift there just for you as a thank you for joining us!
  • How long are your worship services? What are they like?
    Services are approximately 60-minutes long, but can vary a little shorter or longer sometimes. Colonial Woods is unique in the way that we offer three services at different times: 8:00 AM Sunday Heritage Service Location: Worship Center Our Sunday Heritage Service is our traditional service. Here you can expect to hear hymns, choruses and traditional arrangements of modern songs with live preaching. 9:30 AM Sunday Service Location: Worship Center Our 9:30 Family Service has contemporary worship music (such as Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation) and live preaching. ​ 11:00 AM Sunday Service Location: Worship Center Our 11:00 Family Service has contemporary worship music (such as Hillsong, Bethel and Elevation) and live preaching. ​ Livestream And if you happen to be unable to join us, you can always join us via livestream! Just click here to tune in.
  • What is the preaching and worship style?
    Our teaching is Bible-based, Christ-centric, and applied to our day-to-day lives. The worship style is diverse utilizing modern songs as well as traditional hymns. (for more information on our beliefs, please go here.) We recognize that Colonial Woods may not be the church for everyone. Biblical community is very important to us and if CW is not a good fit for you or your family, we want to help you find a church home. There are several fantastic, Christ-centered churches in the area and we’d be happy to point you in a direction that might be a better fit for you. Please contact us so that we can help!
  • Is there something for my children?
    Yes there is! We have an excellent Children's Ministry program provided for infants through 4th grade during each of our weekend services. Children will not only be closely cared for, but we also gear teaching and education for each age group that allows not just the parents, but the whole family to grow in their faith together. Because we care for children it is our goal to be very secure in protecting our children. So we have included a KidCheck security check-in system for our kids 4th grade and under. To make your first time checking in faster create your login for KidCheck ahead of time by clicking on the image below:
  • What translation of the Bible do you use?
    There are many wonderful translations of the Word of God out there but as a church we consistently use the NIV in our services and classes. While you may hear other translations used (such as the ESV or The Message Paraphrase) they are typically used alongside the NIV to help give greater understanding to the meaning of the text.
  • How do I contact a pastor for prayer and/or counseling?
    If you’re attending a worship service and you would like to have someone pray with you, our Prayer and Care Team members will be standing near the stage following the service. They would love to pray with you. If you have an immediate need and would like to speak with a pastor, you can contact our office at 810-984-5571. Our office hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Thursday. The church offices are located at 3240 Pine Grove Avenue, Port Huron. Our Counseling Center is also an amazing resource. They have a highly qualified team of counselors who are able to meet any type of counseling need. You can contact their office at 810-984-5575.
  • What is church membership? How do I become a church member?
    First of all, know that you don't have to become a member in order to attend or be actively involved at Colonial Woods. All are welcome here! To become a member of a church is to commit oneself to a specific, local body of believers and to partner with that church through serving, giving, and living. Members should agree with our church beliefs and be willing to submit to church leadership. Church membership is implied in the biblical requirement of all Christians to be submitted to a group of church leaders, elders, or pastors. The New Testament commands individuals to submit to a specific group of leaders: Hebrews 13:17 "Obey your leaders and submit to them, for they keep watch over your souls as those who will give an account.” In order to become a member at Colonial Woods, you need to attend and complete Pastor Phil's CORE CLASS which is offered multiple times through the year. This class teaches all about what we believe as a church and what it means to follow Christ. For questions or to find out when the next class is offered, contact us.

Sarah Schoettle

Intern Class of 2013

“The internship allowed me to grow in my faith and allowed me to find the purpose that God has for my life. The staff and church body are so loving and personal. It is obvious that this internship is intentional and is meant to build disciples. I'd go back in a heartbeat.”

Sean's Head.jpg

Sean Swanson

Intern Class of 2014

"My time at Colonial Woods granted me the opportunity to experience various aspects of pastoral ministry alongside the skilled, caring, and wise staff of the church. I grew in my understanding of how to care for people, my ability to preach, and my capacity to manage my time effectively. Because of this experience, I felt confident to lead and serve well as I stepped into my first lead pastor role out of graduate school."


Jen Miller

Intern Class of 2015

"My summer as an intern at Colonial Woods has a lasting impact on my life and ministry to this day! It was the first place that I experienced full-time ministry up close and personal. I can confidently say that my summer as an intern changed the trajectory of my life!"


Makayla Reimer

Intern Class of 2020

"This last summer I had the opportunity to intern with Colonial Woods Student Ministries. It was one of the most growing summers I have experienced. I learned so much about church ministry and definitely felt more affirmed in my calling by the end of the summer.  It’s a busy summer, but you learn so much and you are not alone! The staff there is so willing to support and encourage you. By the end of the summer you will have learned so much!"

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