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We exist to develop fully committed students of Jesus through changed lives



WEDNESDAYS @ 6:30 - 8:05 PM


SUMMER SIZZLE MIDWEEK offers a variety events to allow students to stay connected during the summer. With so many students working and away for summer, we combine the MSM and HSM ministries. Campus Capture the Flag, Extreme Bingo, Bowling, and Nerf Night are some of the events planned for our CW Students and their friends!

Below is the "School-year" HSM MIDWEEK:

HSM MIDWEEK is a place to build connections and figure out what your next steps are in a relationship with Jesus. MIDWEEK is a space for meeting up with old friends and making new ones, where you get to hang out with incredible people who are committed to making the time you spend with HSM, the best of your week!

Main entrance doors open at 6:00PM for students to play 9 square in-the-air, basketball, corn hole, table games, ping pong, Xbox Arcade in the Student Ministry Wing, work on homework or just hang out with friends.

*Small Groups are determined by grade and gender with an adult leader to facilitate. 


SUNDAYS @ 10:00 AM

LOCATION: The Venue | 9th-12th Grade

Sunday Sizzle meets in the Venue from 10:00-11:00am each week with MSM for a great morning of energy, "hang 10" (10 minutes of hang out time), great teaching, large group mixer/game, HSM Worship Team (most weeks), donut holes, and more!

This time is designed to build relationships with peers, and to specifically focus on growing their personal relationship with Jesus.  

Chef Shell's donut holes and water are provided during our Summer Sizzle. 


Below is the "School-year" HSM Sunday AM:

HSM Sunday AM is a time to dig deeper into the Bible (God's love letter to us), engage in thought-provoking conversations, develop healthy relationships,

and enjoy the HSM coffee & tea kiosk (for all high school students,

located in Room 213 | 10-11am).

In the Student Ministry Wing, Room 213 - The Diner


The following HSM Events are designed to build community, connections, and give students the opportunity to invite their friends. The more you connect, the more comfortable you feel. 

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Our Vision

     CWMC Student Ministries exists:

  • To be a safe place where students encounter Christ, lead their  ministry, & impact others as together we represent Him in the world.

  • To invest in parents, the primary spiritual leader of our students.

  • To equip volunteer adult & student leaders to "lead" others.