As a church, we strive to be a good neighbor to one another and also to find opportunities to continue to connect as a church. Our policies therefore are:

  • SOCIAL DISTANCING- We ask that you maintain 6 feet apart. Refrain from hand shaking and hugging.

  • WEARING MASKS- We ask that you wear a mask while attending Colonial Woods. You may remove it once seated in the worship service or seated in a classroom. 

    • All volunteers are asked to wear masks while serving. (With the exception of those on stage leading worship or preaching since they can be socially distanced.)

    • Masks are available at the Welcome Center.

  • FELLOWSHIP SAFELY- Please avoid gathering in large groups in the hallway or Worship Center. Maintain a safe distance while fellowshipping. 

  • DRINKING FOUNTAINS- Drinking fountains are currently not available. We encourage you to bring a water bottle or beverage from home if you would like to access something to drink.

  • CAFE- Our coffee service is now open. If you would like coffee, our masked and gloved volunteers will help serve and prepare your coffee. Our Cafe is located in the Welcome Center by the main bathrooms.

  • COMMUNION- When we take communion as a church, masked and gloved volunteers will hand you your prepackaged communion cup. Packages of communion contain bread and juice that are entirely sealed, so you will be able to open it yourself.

  • OFFERING AND GIVING- We are currently not passing the offering plate to avoid lots of hands touch one item. Instead we have transitioned to offering boxes and online giving. If you would like to give, you can do get more information by going HERE.


Here are our COVID policies for our littlest church attenders. It is our goal to care for these little ones well and to provide and safe and sanitary environment for them. Children are never required to attend and so it is your decision as the guardian to decide if you are comfortable allowing your child to engage.


    • We do require that an Activity Participation Agreement is signed by parents before children/students participate.

    • We require all volunteers to wear masks.

    • Children in this age group are not required to wear masks.

    • Rooms, surfaces, and toys are sanitized following use.

    • We do not have snacks at this time.

    • Drinking fountains are not available. (Children may bring labeled water bottles, if they'd like.)

    • Toys and materials are shared during the hour the children are together.  For the very young children, we keep toys that have been in the mouth away from other children, put it out of reach when the child is done playing with it and clean/sanitize it following class time. 

    • We do require that an Activity Participation Agreement is signed by parents before children/students participate.

    • We require all volunteers to wear masks.

    • Masks are strongly recommended for children kindergarten through 4th grade.

    • The cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces, toys, materials happens in all rooms before and after each event/room use.

    • Materials and surfaces are shared during the time children are in the room.

    • Snacks for all kids - 4th grade are not offered during Sunday morning or Wednesday night classes right now.


  • In order to participate in our Student Ministry, an Activity Participation Agreement needs to be filled out beforehand.

  • Masks for students are recommended.

  • Students are allowed to remove their mask once they are seated.

  • We ask that students maintain social distancing during activities and when seated. 

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