Welcome to the VBS Craft Page!

In order to assist with your VBS crafts, we have created some step by step videos to help guide you through the process. Crafts can be done in any order so choose which one you'd like to do for each day! Have fun!

Straw Rockets

1. Color the rocket and cut it out.

2. Cut the pointed end with the opening off the pipette so the rest fits top to bottom on the rocket.

3. Attach pipette to the back of the rocket with tape or glue dots.

4. Slip the straw into the pipette, and you’re ready to launch.

5. Give your straw a big puff of air, and watch it take off!

Chalk Your Walk

Using the sidewalk chalk provided in your craft kit, decorate your driveway or sidewalk with any kind of space things you can imagine! You can also draw pictures of the Bible lessons or Bible verses you see during VBS. Let’s fill our neighborhoods with out-ofthis-world good news about our amazing Creator!

Shooting Star Spinner Toy

1. On one side of the black paper, paint or color stars and planets to make it look like outer space.

2. Wrap star with the yellow cellophane and secure with small rubber band. If you want to make a few cuts in the “tail” of the cellophane to make it look like a shooting star, you can.

3. Use a screwdriver, nail punch or ice pick to make a hole in the bottom of the bottle and in the lid.

4. Loop the two large rubber bands together

5. Attach a paperclip to the end of one of the rubber bands.

6. Put the rubber band end inside the hole in the bottom of the bottle. The attached paperclip remains outside the bottle at the bottom to secure that end.

7. Unwrap the other paper clip and make a small hook at one end.

8. Using the hook, reach inside the bottle to grab the loose end of the rubber band.

9. Tighten the hook to hold the rubber band securely in place.

10. Put the wire through the hole in the lid, fasten lid to the bottle, and band it at a right angle so it lays flat over the lid.

11. Wrap the end of the wire around the star.

12.Trim the decorated paper to fit the size of your bottle and tape it around the bottle.

13. Ready to play? Twist the star around the cap in circles until the rubber band inside is wound tight. Let go of the star, and watch it zoom around!

Space Crystals

1. Bend each pipe cleaner into a star shape. (You can create your own space shapes, too).

2. Twist the pipe cleaner closed at the end of the shape. Cut off any extra pipe cleaner at the end.

3. Tie the yarn around each shape to use as a hanger.

4. Hang around popsicle stick.

5. Lower the shapes into a mason jar and rest the popsicle stick over the opening of the jar. Make sure the pipe cleaners aren’t touching each other of the sides/bottom of the jar.

6. Pour 2 cups of boiling water into a glass container. Add borax and stir until dissolved. If the borax won’t dissolve, microwave the mixture for 30 seconds at a time, stirring each time until the water is completely clear.

7. Carefully pour the hot borax mixture into the mason jar. Fill the jar only up to the top of the pipe cleaners. (Crystals will form on the yarn if it’s below the liquid.)

8. Leave your shapes in the liquid for 6-24 hours and watch the space crystals grow!

Rock Painting

Over the past few years, we’ve had the kids paint rocks during VBS…one to keep and one to add to our VBS Rock Garden at church. We would love to continue the tradition this year!


Option 1:

If you have your own rock painting supplies at home, grab a couple of rocks you’re your yard and paint with a space theme. Add one of them to our rock garden. The rock garden is in the corner between the carport entrance and the side entrance to the foyer. Look for the brightly colored rocks!


Option 2:

We will have two painting times you can come to the church to use our supplies. This is not a drop-off activity; kids must be accompanied by an adult. Weather permitting, supplies will be set up under the carport overhang for each child to paint a rock to take home and a rock to leave for our garden. If it’s raining, supplies will be set up in the gym. Rock painting days and times are: • Tues, July 21 - 1:00 to 3:00 PM • Wed, July 22 - 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

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